How do you protect your privacy?

You know that the Internet really isn't free, right?

Someone has to pay those reporters, photographers, software developers, hosting and content delivery companies.  And that someone is you.

Today, most of us don't consider that we willingly trade our privacy for a "free" Internet.  Advertisers are glad to pay for your Internet access in exchange for gaining access to your details.  "What do you like, or dislike?"   "What are you willing to pay?" And "How can we best get you to buy this?"  Want to scare yourself?  Learn what Google knows about you specifically by typing the following into your browser: .   

We've attempted to review a few solutions or tools that'll help you protect your privacy from advertisers [and potentially hackers/the NSA].  But common sense is the best privacy solution.  If you want true privacy, be very thoughtful and careful when using the Internet.